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Our Misson

Ethical Fashion Festival (EFF) is a non-profit organization that supports and empowers ethical and sustainable artists, designers, and brands to commercially succeed and rebuild the fashion industry for a sustainable future.

EFF offers an intimate community event for attendees and vendors to connect and share their craft and ethical methods of design and development. Hear their personal stories and shop products to support ethical & social enterprise domestically & in marginalized remote communities around the world. The event highlights curated artisanal brands that specialize in working with ethical, sustainable, and artisan makers, both domestically and globally.

The festival includes vendor products, attendee experiences,  & connections with the makers and the community.  Come to learn about the makers, their processes, and their products created using ethical and sustainable methods.  This event provides the opportunity to shop from (and learn about) those brands providing both maker and buyer a chance to build relationships to empower and support each.

What qualifies as an "ethical" maker?
"Ethical fashion is concerned with social impact and the ethics behind a brand’s label" 
"Ethical fashion is garment design, production, and distribution that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. In the most ideal sense, it benefits those working along the supply chain and creates a better future for everyone—not just for those at the top." Common Objective

Meet The Team

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